Ramadan Quran Competition 1445 - 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Firdaws Academy Ramadan Competition for Quran! (25 Sha’ban – 5 Ramadan)

wonderful journey

Take on this wonderful Qur’anic journey with your family in honor of Ramadan.

certificates & prizes

Get completion certificates, and a chance to win one of the top 3 spots for each level.

all levels & ages

For all Firdaws academy students - any level including recitation or memorization Amma Juz - all ages.

Ramadan Quran Competition

Memorization competition

Recitation competition

The levels of the competition:

-5 Juzes

-15 Juzes

-30 Juzes (Full Quran)

-Juz Amma (last Juz)

Competition Prizes: It will be announced on the night of the 27th of Ramadan:

1. The first place winner will study for free (one month and a half).

2. The second place winner will study for free (one month).

3. The third place winner will study for free (half a month).

All winners will be awarded certificates of appreciation approved by the Academy in addition to designing an encouraging video for them. & the winners of first place in the competitions will receive in-kind prizes and a gift will be sent to them.

*Note: joining the Competition starts 25 Shaban & ends 5 Ramadan.

*Note: assessing the students levels starts  5 Ramadan & ends 20 Ramadan.