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Teacher Employment Application - only for Egyptian teachers

Please text our (SUPPORT TEAM) only via WhatsApp 00201551018056  if you face any issue with the form. As 95% of the admission depends on this form.

Kindly, make sure that

  • you are using PC or Laptop when filling out this form (not phone).
  • try to use a different browser if you have any issue when filling out this form.
  • reduce and compress the size of files as much as you can before uploading.

Join us & be a part of our team. Firdaws Academy is seeking for hiring the best-qualified Quran and Arabic teachers who master both the theoretical and practical aspects as well as the English language in addition to high teaching skills. If you are eligible and want to join our Team, please fill out this form.  Jazak Allah Khair !

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A new teacher form

(How to Upload Audio or Video files on Google Drive)

* Please, wait after clicking submit button until your files are being uploaded. JAK

How to Upload Audio or Video files on Google Drive

* If you did not receive any reply from us within 1 week after submitting the form, this does not mean that your application is not accepted. We may replay to your application within 1 – 4 weeks. Kindly check your E-mail & WhatsApp during this period. Best of Luck!

If you did not receive any reply from us within 2 – 4 weeks, that means that your own Application is not accepted. And you should improve your English, Tajweed and Personal Skills before submitting this form one more time (if you like). Best luck!