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Many thanks to all our super students for what they did last year. These students have shown astonishing dedication to the learning of the Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies; punctuality, hard work and commitment which were all crucial factors to their great success in 2018-2023. Firdaws Academy wishes all students the best of luck in 2024.

The following are some of our super students, in 2023:


aged between 4 and 84 years

Awards of Excellence - Teachers 2023-2024

Award of Excellence

The following video is for some of our star students, who mastered the Foundation course and started reading from the Holy Quran correctly Ma Sha Allah (but without applying Tajweed rules). The Tajweed is the next step for them In sha Allah.

The following video is for some of our star students, who are studying Tajweed rules. 

Latest certificates of completion- Firdaws Academy 2022-2023

I feel blessed that I found Firdaws academy and a wonderful teacher like Amal Jazakallah Khairan Kaseeran I already recommend it to my family and friends

Sadia Islam – Canada


I started to learn Tajweed with Firdaws Academy with zero to none Arabic language awareness or skills. All praise is to Allah because in 3 months I have become adept at reciting verses with tajweed. It is my hope that by next Ramadan I will be able to recite the Quran fluently. Please make dua for me that I may accomplish my goal. Since joining Firdaws Academy, there has been an increase in my friends. There are a lot of spiritual benefits with these classes. I pray that Allah will allow me to be remain humble and help me in learning His book.

Yasmin Mohamed – France

Kids are enjoying the classes and Fatimah has begun to read better and confidently without memorization which was the main goal. 

Judy Adel – united states of america

I have recommended Firdaws Academy to my family and friends and everyone I meet. I have changed so many Quran teachers because my sons were not learning anything.

Alhamdullilah my sons enjoy their class with their teachers. And so far Alhamdullilah they have improved tremendously!

Thank you so much!
Lailah Abdullah – South Africa

I have been really impressed by the quality of teaching and the customer service. The classes are well structured, teacher is patient and my kids are learning. All at a very affordable price. 
Jazakum Allah khair for providing such wonderful service.

Sumaiya Imtiaz – Canada

Amazing staff and teachers- easy to access and affordable/ flexible prices and time schedule.

Ali Hazem – Germany

Firdaws Academy is what I’ve been looking for years! Highly Recommend them. Very professional , structured and organised and accommodating to needs. The quality of teachers and structure cannot be compared.

We have really enjoyed learning with Firdaws Academy and we highly recommend it to others.

Hoda Islam – Australia

My children and I started learning Quran and Arabic with Firdaws Academy a few months ago from London. We are really impressed with their constant professionalism and efficiency.

The teachers are extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. The courses have very good course books suitable for all  levels. We have really enjoyed learning with Firdaws Academy and we highly recommend it to others.

Rahmah Khan- London

The teacher you gave is amazing ma Sha Allah. May Allah accept her efforts. She teaches in an amazing way and is always on time. We are very very happy with her. Especially my wife, she loves her. Jazak Allah for this, it really means a lot and may Allah reward her also for her efforts.

Saif Khan – UK

Alssalam Alikum,
I would like to inform you of my appreciation of Ms. Issra dedication and help in teaching my son Youssef.

Zeinab Elbialy – CANADA

Alhumdulillah I just finished my second class And wanted to say that my teacher is excellent and i would recommend Firdaws Academy to friends. Thanks.

Mohammed Ghouse Khan – AUS

Jazakkallah for the report. Have taken note of final comments on areas of improvement. Inshaa Allaah over time she will adapt become a better muslimah with Allaah’s rahmah and barakah.

The only thing i always look out for in my child is a keen interest to learn and ponder her connection to Allaah and his Deen. We constantly encourage her to do so without any coercive measures and i must say the teachers at firdaws academy have helped my child grow as a deep thinker and learner. Maasha Allaah. Thanks to Teacher Iman Ibrahim for connecting so well with zarah, she always looks forward to the class.

Zarah’s mother – Philippine

Waeleikum salam,
Jazakallah Khair for blessing us with this opportunity to learn from the institute and the good teachers you employ.

Sadia – California

I am enjoying the class and I have a wonderful teacher.

Sebie Salim – Kenya

So far, Alhamdhulillaah, zarah has been looking forward to the sessions and it has been very fruitful. Teacher Amira is very committed and leads the class is a suitable way Zarah adapts. Maasha Allaah. Firdaws academy is one of my best finds. Alhamdhulillaah.

Roshanara – Philippine

Walaykum Salam, thank you do much for the report, we really appreciate and enjoy working with Sheik Abdulrahman. He is very patient with the kids and continues to find ways to motivate them. The kids really appreciate Sheikh Abdulrahman and they have learned so much from him. We hope to continue to work with Sheikh Abdulrahman. Simply put, he is Amazing!!!May Allah continue to bless him abundantly.

Abdul Hakeem – USA

The admin at Firdaws academy are extremely polite and helpful. Answered all the questions I had and was very supportive so thank you. Again our teacher Fatimah Tariq, she’s professional kind calm and friendly who takes her time to make sure u have mastered how to recite with ur correct Tajweed which I wanted for my kids. I am very glad I found Firdaws Academy. Jazakah’Allahu khayran and may Allah reward you for everything you do. Ameen

Fatimah- UK

Walykum asalaam ! Jazakallah khair for the report. We are very very pleased with sr Amal. She has a warm personality, very motherly and affectionate in her tone ma sha Allah and I love that she makes small talk at the beginning of each lesson

She always asks how are you AbdurRahman? It is very important to me that AbdurRahman teacher is attentive to him and I feel Sr. Amaal does an excellent job with my son. Alhumdulillah

AbdurRahman’s Mother – US

I have found Firdaws Academy very professional and time efficient. Teachers are very friendly and supportive and make learing easy and fun for kids!! My boys just love their lessons and look forward to their next lesson. Which is fantastic

Zainab Haseeb – UK


Here is my review about Dr Sonia

I joined firdaws academy since January 2020. I was interested in the softness and patience of Dr. Sonia from the start I had to determine who my teacher was.

Apparently I was not wrong choice. Alhamdulillah right now I feel that there have been many additions to the knowledge of recitation and improvement in the pronunciation of hijaiyah letters. At the same time the surah I memorized increased.

Medy Putri – Hongkong

SARAsalamualikom Hager,

It has been a month now so I wanted to share with you my honest review of Sara Sarhan and your program.

I truly thank Allah every day that He blessed us with Sara Sarhan as a tutor for our children.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but children in the West who try to learn Arabic and Quran sometimes end up hating Arabic and Quran. They go to their schools where the teacher is smiling and playing games and the classroom is colourful, and then they attend the Arabic or Quran class where they are penalized for the smallest mistake. The strictness and lack of friendliness is in huge contrast with their Western schooling. I know several people who unfortunately, grow up and turn away from Arabic or Quran because it gives them terrible memories of overly strict teachers that always make them feel that they are wrong at every turn.

Understanding this background will make you appreciate just how much we felt that Sara Sarhan was a breath of fresh air. She makes learning fun! My children are challenged – she pushes them to work at a level that is challenging and not easy, but she does it in such a way that they enjoy the challenge.

Sara has built an excellent rapport with my children – she always asks them how they’re doing and what projects they are working on. My daughter asked me if she could get her WhatsApp number because she wants to share her artwork with her! That’s how much she feels attached and beloved to her Arabic tutor.

My son, who hates schoolwork of all kind, asked me if we could enroll in Arabic tutoring 5 times a week instead of 3. This is a huge testament to her teaching skills.

In addition to the fact that my kids actually enjoy their Arabic lessons, I have noticed a marked improvement in their Arabic reading and writing.

We are so happy with our experience and I have been recommending Firdaws to anyone who will listen!

Please thank teacher Sara on my behalf and keep up the amazing work.

Jazakoum Allahu Khairan,

Yousra – USA



Dear Firdaws Academy
Assalam Alaykum
I wish to express my satisfaction about my teacher Mr Ahmed Sabri.
I have enjoyed his patience and dedication and hope to reward him with good progress and results.
Also, Ms Shaimaa Abdo is teaching my two daughters Mayiri and Aduna with the same dedication and commitment. We’re very grateful to have them as our teachers.
Thank you
Maâdiou – France


I just wanted to give some positive feedback on our wonderful teachers alhamdulillah.

Brother Muhammad Ramadan and Sister Manar Muhammad have made the children’s Quran lessons extremely comfortable and productive.

The children are very comfortable and happy with their teachers alhamdulillah 😌

May Allah swt reward you all for your support and commitment 😊

May you all have a very blessed Eid inshaAllah 💝

Rasheeda Hussain 🇬🇧

Alhamdulillah I’m extremely pleased with my course. The best element is my brilliant teacher Allah increase her in her piety. I have 2 small children and she makes me feel so comfortable if one lesson the children are unsettled or preventing me from learning. She is warm, loving and patient and I make sincere duas for her. She has pulled me back when I wanted to give up memorisation. Allah reward her abundantly. Ameen

The Admin team are fantastic too. They always reply in a professional manner and very promptly.

I have recommended firdaws academy to my family members so they can too benefit. InshaAllah.

Reena Ghani – UK

Ustaadhah Amal is very PATIENT and encouraging! Alhamdulillah. She allows me to learn at my own pace and explains things in a manner l can understand. She provides constructive feedback and helps me to correct my mistakes with pronunciation and Tajweed.

Only difficulty is that l don’t have enough time! But that is an issue with my schedule and not the course. 🙂

I’m happy that Allah guided me to Firdaws Academy and l am very pleased with the quality of instruction with Ustaadhah Amal Shreef!
Firdaws Laryea – US

Mixture of tajweed/recitation and I’m now learning memorisation of Juz Amma. My teacher (Huda Gamal) delivers the class in a fun, interactive learning and the best of all she simplified the tajweed lessons making it so easy to understand. I am truly blessed and grateful for her guidance.

Because Arabic is not my native language, I find the pronunciation is a challenge for me but my teacher makes sure she corrects my mistakes every week which is very helpful.

Alhamdullilah, I am truly blessed for the generous assistance sister Nourhan in finding me a teacher for my Quran and Arabic class as well as Sister Asma is helping me with my monthly subscription. May Allah swt showered his blessings on everyone, teachers and staffs at Firdaws Academy. My Quran and Arabic journey has been a meaningful and spiritual journey for me. Firdaws Academy has one of the best and top teachers and I intend to take up more lessons in the next month to come, InsyaAllah

Alisha Ahmed – UK

Assalamualaikum please may i leave some feedback for ustadha  amira

If i could i describe ustadha Amira in 2 words they would be patient and polite. There were several times when i felt like giving up and everytime i have confided in Amira, expressing my hopelessness she has always encouraged and motivated me to continue. Not only that i have learnt more with her than i have learnt with any other teacher.I consider her more than a teacher she is more like a friend. I thank Allah for her and i am proud to be one of her students. May Allah bless and preserve her, the other teachers and the admin team at firdaws acadamy. Jazak Allah Khair fatima mbenga-UK





Mustapha Sawaneh Al-Amin
Feedback on my student’s teacher
November 21
Mustapha Sawaneh Al-Amin9:01 PM
To Whom It May Concern Masha Allah, I want to write and express our pleasure in having Sheikh Ramadan as my son’s teacher. Please allow me to quote the following from my son himself, Mustapha as how he feels about his teacher. “I think Mr. Ramdan is a great teacher. His teaching strategy works out well for me, and It helps me learn certain rules at a steady pace. In the past few months since i started with him, I have learned the alphabet, many tajwid rules and so far he has been helping me memorize the whole Quran. Overall, Mr. Ramadan is an extraordinary teacher, and I highly recommend him for beginner students.” The above is written by my son about his teacher, Mr. Ramadan. As a parent, I am very pleased with the progress that my son is making and I hope this will continue. My personal interaction with Mr. Ramadan has shown me that he is takes his job seriously. He is punctual and he teaches my son very well. He never cut corners. Even if he knows he won’t be able to make it to a particular class(which is very rare) he informs us well ahead of time so we could make arrangement. I have seen the progress that he makes since he started classes with him. May Allah bless Sheikh Ramadan and may Allah open up my son’s mind and help him memorize the GLORIOUS QURAN. Ameen. Ameen.

Sister Radwa is a kind and caring person. I feel happy to get connected with her every day. Iam trying hard to correct my mistakes and also need course materials accordingly….. Insha Allah one day I hope to complete the holy book of Allah.



I was struggling to find a right Arabic teacher for my daughter. Firdaws academy made it very easy for me. Sister Yasmin is very kind and knowledgeable. Wish her success.

Reena Ghani – UK

Ustaadhah Amal is very PATIENT and encouraging! Alhamdulillah. She allows me to learn at my own pace and explains things in a manner l can understand. She provides constructive feedback and helps me to correct my mistakes with pronunciation and Tajweed.

Only difficulty is that l don’t have enough time! But that is an issue with my schedule and not the course. 🙂

I’m happy that Allah guided me to Firdaws Academy and l am very pleased with the quality of instruction with Ustaadhah Amal Shreef!
Nafisa Tarafder – US

Assalamualaikum,This is shahaira sulthana , student of SUMAYA maam in firdaws Academy ,its been 4 months since i joined this Academy .I initially joined to correct my mistakes and pronounciation in quran,but now mashaallah i started memorizing surahs its all because of my maam who makes my class more interactive and interesting ,I never get bored and never get tired and eagerly wait for my classes. She not only concentrates on making me memorize it but also teaches me the tafseer of each surah which makes easier for me to remember it forever. She never burdens me with heavy works and makes me fall in love with Arabi more and more .

Shahaira sulthana/sama – UK



I love and appreciate Sr. Asmaa’s enthusiasm and energy she puts in every class. Her balanced nature, the way she uplifts me and motivates me whenever I feel low in my Hifdh journey. I remember when I memorised all 10 juz’ Alhamdulillah, I was in a fear and hesitation that I can’t keep all of these in my heart I’ll forget them but the way my she ensured me and boosted my self confidence it rose my inner strength and gave me a positive energy to move forward. I will have to say I’ve never seen any such teacher around me. Even my school teacher are not like that. Sr. Asmaa, the way she plans her lessons is all a student can dream of.


I had developed a deep interest in memorising the words of Allah and my parents were looking for the best online platform to help me reach my aim. And I can not deny Firdaws Academy is the best academy one can enroll in to reach their aim on a digital platform with best teachers. And yeah, the certificates we get after memorising every juz’ become a reason for me to be motivated to memorise each juz’. I’m definitely going to recommend this academy to all my friends and family members. I would like to extend my upmost gratitude to the Academy members and their hard work. Thank you for your hard work. Your dedication helps us reach our goals. May Allah SWT bless this academy me with more and more success in coming years. Aameen





Very satisfied with my overall experience with the academy and would highly recommend it to others.

Brother Magdi from China

Teachers of the Months 2022 - 2023