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Firdaws Academy offers the best online Islamic courses for all Muslim families all over the world. Our Academy is also the best option for you to Learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies Online  in the comfort of your own home. 

online Islamic courses

Our online Islamic courses  are suitable for kids and adults  who don’t have a time to go to mosque or there is no any Islamic Institute near their home. So, they can learn Online Islamic courses with Live Quran Tutor. Whatever they want, whether they want to learn Quran, Arabic and Islam;  Firdaws Academy offers  amazing online Islamic courses, designed to teach them basic Islamic Knowledge and Muslim beliefs, to learn the true and beautiful teachings of Islam.

Our Online Islamic Courses:

Why having online Islamic courses at Firdaws Academy?

– Great progress + Best curriculum 

We assess the level of the student then design the most suitable learning path  for them. As We have a ready-made curriculum prepared by certified scholars.

Best teachers and study plans

our study plans are designed by the best of the best. In addition to that our tutors are not only well qualified on the subject but also very patient with the students. It can be very challenging for the new students to learn Quran and Arabic but with teachers’ support they will learn the language very fast and become capable of speaking Arabic fluently in no time. 

– Save time and money

when you compare tuition fees from other institutes with Firdaws Academy’s affordable rates. As a result, you can be certain that you’ll be put in the right track to succeed with an Firdaws Academy tutor. Above all, Firdaws Academy brings the classroom into your living room by providing a 24/7 schedule with prestigious tutors who have extensive experience.  

–  Future for the technology

Indeed, global education has rapidly shifted to the digital learning. Studies demonstrate that the average amount of time spent using on-screen communication and learning is steadily growing around the globe.  The world will be our classroom. E-learning will change teaching and learning. In contrast, Firdaws Academy help students to learn from anywhere and teachers can teach from anywhere.

Break your barriers to oceans of knowledge with Firdaws Academy, take a tour and start learning now!