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Allah knows what is best for us

Everyone dreams of “If only” but In reality – Allah knows what is best for us

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  • Post published:March 6, 2019
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We are living in such a weird time. The poor want to swag and show the entire world they are living large. The rich are desperate to find a single person who is actually interested in them – and not their money. Those in war zones are crying out for peace. Those in safety want to prove who can cause the greatest devastation. The old use botox to hide the wrinkles and would do anything in this world to look slightly younger. The young buy clothes and makeup to look just a bit older and revealing.

Those with light-skin pay thousands to get a bit of a tan. Those with dark skin spend fortunes on products to look a touch lighter. The skinny want to gain a little weight to feel more beautiful. The overweight would do anything to shed fat so they could feel more accepted. The tall are sick of standing out. The short look in the mirror every day wanting to be slightly bigger.

Parents pray for a little free time away from the kids. Those without children yearn for the gift of a newborn. The married are frustrated with their partners. The singles are fed up of being alone. Leaders secretly wish they did not have all these responsibilities. Followers wish they could take the seat of accountability. The employed are desperate to sit home and chill. The unemployed are going crazy and running around trying to find a job. People on one side of the planet are sick of all the rain. On the other side of the world, people are praying for a single drop. “If only my nose was straighter! If only my bank balance was bigger! If only… if only…”

Everyone dreams of “If only” but In reality – Allah knows what is best for us. Everyone thinks that the next man is living better than him. Everyone assumes the grass is always greener on the other side. That is not the case. All of us believe that people out there are living perfect lives, but we forgot that nothing in the dunya is what it seems Perfection is only in the Next World. Allah said, “And few from My servants are truly thankful.”

The Prophet ﷺ did not stand up or sit down without showing gratitude to Allah. He said if you wake in the morning with food on your plate, with security in your home and with good health then you have been given the treasures of the world. How often we forget that! Our Lord said, “If you are thankful – I shall surely increase you.”

– written by: Shaykh Muhammad Aslam

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Allah knows what is best for us